All Dogs Go to Heaven is a 1989 Irish-British-American animated musical comedy-drama film directed by Don Bluth. It was produced by Sullivan Bluth Studios and Goldcrest Films and distributed by United Artists. It was released on November 17, 1989.

Plot Edit

In 1939 New Orleans, Charlie B. Barkin, a German shepherd, breaks out of the dog pound with the aide of his friend, Itchy Itchiford, a dachshund, and returns to the old casino he once shared with his business partner, Carface Caruthers. What Charlie does not know, however, is that Carface had him framed for an unknown crime which landed him in the pound so as to have the casino all to himself. The two reunite and Carface, still not wanting to share the casino, tries to convince Charlie that the pound may follow him there and put them out of business, and that he should leave with 50% of the earnings, to which Charlie agrees. Meanwhile, Itchy overheard Carface's assistant, Killer, to tell some of the recruits to help get rid of Charlie, prompting Itchy to run off in search of his friend. At the mardi gras parade, Charlie gets drunk and is then taken to the dock and blindfolded. With Killer's assistance, Carface pushes a car down the dock towards Charlie, who is killed on impact. He arrives in Heaven, where a whippet angel informs him of how wonderful it is before informing him of his current state and that a watch representing his life has stopped. Angered at Carface's betrayal, Charlie secretly steals the watch by replacing it with another one and winds it back up, cheating death and sending him back to Earth. On his way back, he is warned that he can never return to Heaven upon dying again.

Charlie reunites with Itchy, who witnessed his murder, and convinces him to help get revenge on Carface. They soon discover that Carface has kept a little girl named Anne-Marie, who has the ability to talk to animals, in order to win bets and become rich. Seeing this as an opportunity for revenge, Charlie "rescues" her and invites her to live with him and Itchy, despite the latter's protests, by claiming that they will use her ability to take care of the poor. First off, they use Anne-Marie to distract a couple so he can steal their wallet and bet on the races. The plan proves successful and the pair soon begin using her talent to their advantage and soon begin running their own successful business in the junkyard where they live. Anne-Marie quickly realizes that she had been used the same way as with Carface, and threatens to leave. Charlie persuades her to stay by bringing pizza to a group of orphaned puppies living in an abandoned church under the care by Flo, a rough collie who is friends with Charlie. Anne-Marie discovers the stolen wallet and berates him for it. That night, Charlie has a nightmare in which he is condemned to eternity in Hell and is attacked by a canine version of the Devil and his minions. He awakens to find Anne-Marie having returned the stolen wallet to Kate and Harold, the couple who they met earlier and are now considering adopting her. Charlie once again tricks her into leaving with him. On their way home, Carface and Killer shoot at them; they barely escape, thanks to Charlie's life watch still ticking (as long as it keeps ticking, he is practically immortal). They then fall through the floor of an abandoned building and are captured and offered as sacrifices to King Gator, a monstrous-sized alligator. Charlie inadvertently saves them from being eaten when his howling comes off as music to King Gator, who sings a brief song with him and offers the pair a ride back to New Orleans. Anne-Marie catches pneumonia as a result.

Charlie takes Anne-Marie back to the abandoned church and reunites with Itchy, who was ambushed and severely beaten by Carface and his thugs, who also burnt down their casino. Itchy accuses of Charlie of caring for Anne-Marie more than him, angering Charlie into claiming that he does not care for her at all and is merely using her. Overhearing this, Anne-Marie runs away and is quickly abducted by Carface. Itchy, meanwhile, runs off to town and persuades several other dogs to come to their aid, alerting Kate and Harold as well. Charlie returns to the old casino to find Anne-Marie in a cage, and is quickly attacked by Carface's thugs and tied to an anchor. One of them bites Charlie's foot, causing him to howl in pain and alert King Gator, who breaks through the haul and frees Charlie before leaving and aiding in the battle by continuously headbutting the side of the ship. Charlie battles Carface, during which oil falls into the water and catches fire. A headbutt from King Gator causes Carface to fall into the water, where he is chased off by the alligator and eaten offscreen. Charlie rescues Anne-Marie and pushes her out through the hole in the ship's haul and attempts to retrieve his watch, which has sunk to the bottom and begin filling with water. As the gears fill up with water, the watch stops and Charlie dies a second time.

Charlie briefly visits from Hell to see Anne-Marie, who has since begun to recover from her pneumonia and is adopted by Kate and Harold, who have adopted Itchy as well. The whipper angel briefly arrives and gives him the chance to come home to Heaven for his sacrifice to save Anne-Marie. The pair share their goodbyes and admit their love for each other before Charlie ascends into Heaven. As the credits begin to roll, Carface is revealed to have entered as well and swears revenge on King Gator before attempting to steal his life clock with the whippet angel chasing after him.

Cast Edit

  • Ryan Reynolds as Charlie B. Barkin
  • Dom DeLuise as Itchy Itchiford
  • Judith Barsi as Anne-Marie
  • Vic Tayback as Carface Caruthers
  • Charles Nelson Reilly as Killer
  • Loni Anderson as Flo
  • Melba Moore as the Whipper Angel
  • Ken Page as King Gator

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