Batman Returns movie poster

Batman Returns is a 1992 American superhero film directed by Tim Burton. It is a sequel to the 1989 film Batman. It was produced by PolyGram Filmed Entertainment and distributed by Warner Bros., and was released on June 19, 1992.


Aristocrats Tucker and Esther Cobblepot take their deformed infant son into a stream after he kills their pet cat. The infant is found by a flock of penguins living in the sewers, who raise him as their own. Thirty three years later, corrupt businessman Max Shreck joins the Mayor at a city gathering, where he is attacked by a group of circus performers. However, the masked vigilante Batman arrives at the scene and forces the performers to flee. Nevertheless, the gang make a successful second attempt to kidnap Shreck and take him to Gotham's sewers, where he meets the Penguin, the now-adult infant living in the abandoned Gotham City Zoo. The Penguin, seeing Shreck as an opportunity to be accepted into society, attempts to blackmail him by threatening to expose his corporate crimes. Shreck reluctantly agrees.

Shrek's secretary, Selina Kyle, unintentionally discovers proof of Shreck's criminal activities. To prevent her from telling others, Shreck pushes Kyle out the window to kill her. However, a pack of stray alley cats revive her. Returning to her apartment, Selina creates a catsuit and attaches metal claws to her fingernails, going under the alias Catwoman. Meanwhile, the Penguin becomes a local hero to the public when he appears to rescue the Mayor's infant son from a kidnapping, when in fact he had actually ordered the abduction. Bruce Wayne, suspicious of the Penguin, searches his background with the help of his butler Alfred Pennyworth, and discovers the Penguin to have been a former member of a circus gang. He also finds out several children had gone missing at locations the circus group performed at.

Shrek and the Penguin conspire to impeach the Mayor and have the Penguin replace him. The circus gang uses setups to convince the public that the Mayor is unfit for office. Batman encounters Catwoman after she destroys Shreck's department store. The two vigilantes battle, ending with Catwoman being knocked into a truck filled with kitty litter. Catwoman later on schemes with the Penguin to get revenge on Batman by framing him. The two kidnap beauty queen, known as the Ice Princess, and knock her off a building while making it appear that Batman pushed her off. Batman attempts to flee in his Batmobile, but the Penguin, using a remote control device installed in the Batmobile, steers the vehicle through public property, though Batman removes the device before any citizens are killed.

Afterwards, the Penguin turns on Catwoman and hoists her above the city with his umbrella propeller before dropping her through a greenhouse roof. However, Catwoman survives, having acquired nine lives after her initial revival. The Penguin then holds a press conference and attempts to convince the public of the Mayor's supposed incompetence, but Bruce and Alfred expose him by recording an anti-Gotham rant that Penguin had spoken earlier, causing the crowd to turn on him. Enraged, the Penguin flees into the sewers and reveals his true scheme to the circus gang of murdering the wealthy first-born sons as revenge for his own parents discarding him as an infant. Bruce and Selina later on realize the others alter-egos before the Penguin arrives and announces to the public that their first-borns are being abducted as they speak, and then attempts to kidnap Max's son Chip. However, Max offers himself in Chip's place, which the Penguin accepts.

The Penguin then sends his penguin army, equipped with missiles, into the city, but Batman manages to direct them back into the zoo lair. Batman then battles the Penguin at the zoo, where the Penguin plummets into the toxic water below. Shreck is attacked by Catwoman, but Batman arrives and convinces her against killing him. However, Shreck shoots Batman and then Catwoman repeatedly, taking away several of her lives. Catwoman then kills Max with an electric taser and a power line before vanishing. The Penguin emerges from the water and attempts to kill Batman, but succumbs to his injuries and dies. Some time later, Bruce finds a gray alley cat. He and Alfred wish each other a merry Christmas before the Bat signal appears in the sky, to which a still-living Catwoman appears.