The Rescuers Down Under movie poster
The Rescuers Down Under is a 1990 American animated adventure film directed by Hendel Butoy and Mike Gabriel. The 29th film in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series, it is a sequel to The Rescuers, released in 1977. The film was produced by Walt Disney Pictures and distributed by Buena Vista Pictures, and was released on November 16, 1990.


In the Australian Outback, a boy named Cody befriends a golden eagle named Marahute after freeing her from a trap. However, a poacher named Percival C. McLeach, who had killed Marahute's mate, abducts Cody to interrogate him to find Marahute's whereabouts.

A telegram is sent to the Rescue Aid Society in New York, and Bernard and Miss Bianca, the RAS' elite field agents, are distributed to rescue Cody. They go to find Orville, an albatross who had helped them previously, but instead meet his brother, Wilbur. The three arrive in Australia, where they meet Jake, the RAS' local regional operative. Jake guides the three as they search for Cody, and flirts with Bianca, to Bernard's chagrin. Jake consigns Wilbur to a hospital when his spinal column is bent out of shape. Wilbur refuses to undergo surgery and attempts to escape, and his back is unintentionally straightened by the staff, allowing him to leave in search of the others.

At McLeach's ranch, Cody attempts to free the captured animals, but he is stopped by Joanna, McLeach's pet goanna. McLeach tells Cody that Marahute has been killed and frees him, deceiving Cody into leading him to Marahute's nest. 

Bernard, Bianca, and Jake follow McLeach to Marahute's nest. However, all but Bernard are captured by Mcleach. Joanna is instructed to eat Marahute's eggs, but Bernard saves them, prompting Joanna to leave. Wilbur arrives and Bernard instructs him to sit on the eggs while he leaves to go after McLeach, who has taken his captives to Crocodile Falls. He attempts to feed Cody to the crocodiles, but Bernard disables McLeach's vehicle. McLeach attempts to shoot the rope holding Cody, but Bernard tricks Joanna into crashing into him, knocking both of them into the river. While Joanna reaches safety, McLeach plummets off the waterfall to his death. Jake and Bianca free Marahute, who rescues Cody and Bernard.

Bernard proposes to Bianca, who accepts. As Jake salutes them, they all depart to Cody's home. Meanwhile, Marahute's eggs hatch, much to Wilbur's dismay.


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